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Internet Killed the Media Star

Matt’s Stats

So you’ve accomplished that Herculean of all Herculean endeavors and finished your film. Now, you’re considering your festival strategy for the coming year and wondering which festival would be the most advantageous, be it a strong regional fest, an important international festival or a smaller festival that really loves your film and wants to […]

Ben Niles’ documentary, Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 opens for a two-week run at Film Forum starting this Wednesday, November 7. A couple of days before the film’s theatrical debut, I sat and talked with first-time film director, Niles, and Jim Browne of Argot Pictures. Browne recently came on board […]

Marketing a Regional Fest

The Sundance submission deadline has passed; SXSW is looming (early: Nov. 16; late: Dec. 7). But thousands of films are made each year, and many are not appropriate for these big, industry-driven (read: sales) showcases. Don’t get me wrong… submit your film to your dream festival, because, hey, you never know! If you don’t get […]

Head Trauma Distribution Case Study

Thanks to Arin Crumly for this great recording! And of course, Lance Weiler for all his great work and constant efforts to share his knowledge!

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