Through the efforts of various senators, representatives, friends and activists, filmmaker Andrew Berends is on his way back to New York. A big sigh of relief. His translator who was also detained is not out of the woods yet. Here is the latest from the website:

From what we understand, Samuel George, Andrew’s translator, and another man who was detained with him are returning to the State Security Service (SSS) tomorrow.  We hope that they will be fully cleared then.  International journalism relies on the work of such trusted friends as Samuel, and we ask you to check in tomorrow to learn of their status.  If there’s more we need to do to help them, we will be the first to let you know.

And after Andrew has had a few moments to recover from this experience, check back here to learn more about his experiences in detention and the broader issues of press freedom in Nigeria, Africa, and elsewhere, as well as to see excerpts of his upcoming film, Delta Boys.

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