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Back in my days in DC, I recall using the card catalog at the National Archives to do research for photos, videos and films. It was/is such a shame that so much of their collection still isn’t even housed in a digital database, let alone digitized for use. But times are changing quickly.
The New York […]

An article in today’s Journal paints a bleak outlook for net neutrality.
Separately, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. have withdrawn quietly from a coalition formed two years ago to protect network neutrality. Each company has forged partnerships with the phone and cable companies. In addition, prominent Internet scholars, some of whom have advised President-elect Barack Obama […]

Netflix Streams

I noticed on Lifehacker today that Netflix is now streaming to TiVo, and while I wasn’t watching, they also added Watch It Now for Macs (the option was only available to PC users for a long while). From their website:
Instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) from over 12,000 choices […]

I get into an unfortunate self-perpetuating cycle where a lot of great material comes at me all at once. I want to share it but I want to look it over and digest it first as well. If you haven’t already heard about it, Scott Kirsner of CinemaTech, had produced a series of case studies […]

WSJ: Indie Films Hit the Web

An interesting article by John Jurgensen about the recent online-only film releases:
Independent filmmakers are known for taking risks with their art, but many are wary of digital distribution. Now, as perceptions shift, they’re going online in growing numbers. Thursday, “Haze,” a film making its debut at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York, also […]

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