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Lessig on Orphan Works

Funny that Larry Lessig, the Stanford law professor who has evangelized free culture and copyright reform, stepped away from his work in this area yet decided to publish an op-ed in the NY Times coming out against the current orphan works legislation, despite the support it has within creative communities. He writes,
The proposed change is […]

It seems that there are some misunderstandings going around about the pending Orphan Works legislation that might threaten this very important bill for artists. Thanks to Alex Curtis at Public Knowledge, we have some answers to questions that have bubbled up:
MYTH: The bills would take away copyright protection from every work a visual artist ever […]

Mistaken Copyright Identity

Over at Public Knowledge, Mehan Jayasuriya writes an intriguing piece about a case of mistaken copyright between Cat Power and deceased songwriter Jessie Mae Hemphill, specifically addressing the issue of whether “incidences involving sampling should be exempt from would-be orphan works laws”.
Matador Records had incorrectly credited a song on Cat Power’s recent Jukebox covers album […]

Orphan Works Update

From the International Documentary Association, “Last week Congress held a hearing on Orphan Works. Orphan Works are works where you can’t find the owner of the copyright even after a substantial search. This bill would let you go ahead and use the material and pay the owner a reasonable license fee, if the owner ever […]

Update on Orphan Works Legislation

“Orphan works” – it may sound like a description of Oliver Twist remakes, but actually it is a copyright issue that affects a large number of filmmakers and artists today. In the world of copyright, the term refers to works—possibly protected by copyright—whose owners are unidentifiable or undiscoverable. You or someone you know […]