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Help Adobe!

Via Wired, if you are willing to give it a go, Adobe has released a beta version of its newest Photoshop edition CS3. You must have a registration number from a prior version, but if you do, this beta version is FREE! The idea here is to get help working out the kinks with new […]

Report: Online Movies Least Watched

Via Nerve’s Screengrab and Cinematical, ABI Research released a summary of results of a new survey that shows “movie downloads, both legal and illegal, remain the least watched genre of online video on the Internet.” While only 5% of over 1000 respondents are watching downloaded movies, less than that are watching illegally downloaded movies. Conducted […]

Report: How Artists Build Careers

The Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota recently released a report by the Project on Regional and Industrial Economics (PRIE) entitled “Crossover: How Artists Build Careers Across Commercial, Nonprofit and Community Work” (download the PDF for free).
From the website, “this study finds that many artists’ work spans two or […]

Smithsonian to Reveal Showtime Deal Details

Via Yahoo! News, the results of a government review of the Smithsonian’s contract with Showtime are in with mixed results. In case you haven’t heard, the Smithsonian signed a 30-year contract with Showtime to create a new channel of programming based on Smithsonian collections, expertise and branding. Announced months after it had taken effect and […]

Worldwide Copyright Reform?

Ok, that might be overreaching. Yet, who would would believe US copyright law to be the envy of media artists in other countries? As expensive and time consuming as the clearance process is to license copyright protected imagery, as untold numbers of projects are shelved because of anticipated rights problems, and considering the multitudes of […]

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