Welcome to Re:Sources! One of the unintended consequences of starting a blog is frequently discovering a need that you didn’t know existed. People discover your writing while looking for one thing or another and they write in to ask a question. One of the frequent questions I get from my personal blog, which focuses mainly on the documentary film scene, is: where can I find a community online? I started my blog to try to answer that very question.

There are many sites that offer “community” in one way or another. There are distinct communities like The D-Word Community, a closed, threaded discussion broken out into topics, or Doculink, an email listserv of documentary professionals. iklipz or MySpace allow you to upload your own material and information, and to then connect with others via comments and “friend-ing.” There are news sites like indieWIRE and The IFC Blog where readers can engage others by commenting on the latest indie film news. One might opt for many of the individual sites that focus on a specific person or project, like filmmaker AJ Schnack’s All These Wonderful Things or the project-related site Head Trauma, an indie horror film by Lance Weiler. But how do these disparate and multitudinous options help an independent filmmaker feel a part of community?

While there is no one answer, participating in several communities seems to be the best option for a media artist to harness the capacity of the web to find like-minded professionals with a similar desire to share experiences and wisdom relating to independent film production and distribution.

To that end, Re:Sources, a project of Re:New Media, seeks to bring you news, articles and links to assist you in navigating this information-rich landscape. We will post real world information and encourage exchange on the creative process, filmmaking, distribution, new technologies and policy issues that affect the media community. Expect guest authors to bring in fresh perspectives and a forum for dialogue from diverse contributors.

We hope that you will find this a valuable space on the web, and to that end, we value your input and thoughts, articles, suggested links and comments on the material posted. Have something you want other media artists to know about? Just let us know.