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I’d like to make my first blog on Renew Media a preface for the following ones I’ll write. I have been in new media for a number of years now from internet-print to mobile-music & games and now back to internet-video, and the one take away I have from it all is that every new […]

Re:Software Comparisons

I’d like to write some capsules about the more popular software packages, but there is a lot of great information already available on the web. When I started learning about web technology, I cruised around the web, found a ton of information but it took me a while to assimilate it all – I don’t […]

Re:Choosing Your Software

Whether you had a site already, or you have gotten new services, you’ll need to be familiar with how to maneuver around your web host. If you have a service that has some auto-install options, like Fantastico discussed previously, where do you find those options? Your web host probably has some kind of control panel; […]

Second Life Goes Open Source

Via Lawrence Lessig's blog, the company that is Second Life, Linden Labs, announces that it will release the code to its virtual world. For those who haven't gone virtual, I can say that one of the biggest drawbacks, in my opinion, has been the very fact that the software is wonky and the company developers […]

In this week's NY Times, Manohla Dargis takes time out while Sundance 07 is ongoing to reflect on the status of selections from last year's festival and the business they did (or didn't do) since. "Some are bad, some are brilliant. Few rock the world or the art, and fewer and fewer speak in foreign […]

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