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Article: Strange Culture

I’ve been trying to get Harriette Yahr to contribute to Re:Sources - she is a filmmaker, writer and also works in distribution, so she has her finger on the pulse of indie film. I’m crossing my fingers she will contribute to a planned series on all-things-short-films. In the meantime, read her great interview with Strange […]

Article: Gore Rings a Green Alarm

Al Gore testified before a Congressional committee recently on what is needed to stem global catastrophy in the wake of global warming. I hear often from the more cynical that documentaries don’t change anything. Personally, I think it is really amazing if someone views a film and learns something or perhaps picks up more information […]

More on Copyright: Protecting Innovation

My time working with the Center for Social Media included many discussions with lawyers. What any lawyer will tell you about copyright law is that it was actually implemented to protect innovation! The idea was that you give innovators a period of time to make money off of their work and they will thus be […]

Viacom vs. Google in Copyright Showdown

Probably everyone has heard by now that Viacom has filed suit against Google (YouTube) for what they claim is blatant disregard for copyright infringement, with around 160,000 or so snippets of Viacom-owned content, posted to the site by YouTube users. Viacom currently has no blanket licensing arrangement with Google that would allow such posting with […]

Future of Nonprofits and Film @ SXSW

Moderated by Renew’s ED Brian Newman, he writes a nice wrap-up of his SXSW panel on his blog: The panel I moderated went pretty well – The Future of Nonprofits and Film. I was surprised that people even showed up for this one, especially on the first day after a great opening party. Before we […]

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