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New Day Films

In light of recent discussions about self-distribution, I wanted to post in about New Day Films and let filmmakers know a little about the alternative business model. It’s self-distribution but within a structure, and with the advice of other independent documentary filmmakers. There are about 100 filmmakers involved and it has been in business for […]

The Indie Artists’ Garden

A while back, I posted a news link that EMI had joined with Apple in a decision to offer music downloads without digital rights management locks. It is a significant decision as major content holders have tried everything they can think of to stem digital file sharing, but since the iTunes DRM makes it tough […]

Copyright Alliance

Sad news via Cynopsis Digital today. “An industry-supported Copyright Alliance was formed in Washington, D.C. with the stated goal of promoting the value of copyright as an agent for creativity and strengthening current copyright law. The group is headed by Patrick Ross, a former senior fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation, and has won […]

Media That Matters Premiere

I went to the premiere screenings of the MediaRights’ Media That Matters Film Festival; it was a great evening with fantastic short films. All the filmmakers were there to answer questions which made it a special evening, well worth $11.
May 30, 7:00 PM at NYC’s IFC Center. More>>
If you aren’t in the NYC area, no […]

NYC Write-a-thon

A talented writer/director Debra Kirchner (The Tollbooth) sent me a message the other day about a very cool fundraiser she is involved with that I wanted to let you know about - might be some folks here who either wish to donate dough or time to New York Writer’s Coalition (NYWC). From her message: “NYWC […]

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