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Second Life’s Downside

I’ve posted quite a bit about Second Life here, and as my podcast with Philip Mallory Jones (more soon, I promise!) probably makes apparent, I think that there is some very interesting potential in that virtual world. But, I can’t say I log in that much or that I have found it nearly as productive […]

The opening night panel at this year’s Sundance Independent Producers Conference inaugurated a weekend-long exploration of what constitutes an “independent” film. There is a range of definitions, of course, but what really drives an independent artist is the creative impulse that takes precedence over financial considerations of the marketplace. As lines between global […]

Net Neutrality Comes Into Focus

Back in December, Parul Desai of Media Access Project, wrote a great primer on the concept of net neutrality and why independent media artists should want to support a “free” internet. I’ve posted some news items here over the past year, though as companies like AT&T and Google face off, it feels a bit like […]

Lewis and Brodsky

Our own Anne Lewis interviews Hear and Now director Irene Taylor Brodsky for the Austin Chronicle. The film was screening as part of the Austin Film Society’s Documentary Tour (more screenings coming up). Anne, if you are reading this, this is great stuff for your blog! Sorry to be so late in re-posting!
From Sound Decision, […]

This October, kick back Austin-style, where creativity reigns through innovative artmaking, independent film, fresh technology, and great live music.
NAMAC is pleased to announce the selection of Austin for our 18th Conference. Partnering with Austin School of Film @ Motion Media Arts Center, The Frontier is Here: Create, Engage, Act – Oct. 17 - 20, 2007, […]

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