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The Independent Returns

MediaRights reports that The Independent, the magazine of AIVF, which recently closed shop, will be reborn on September 1. Publisher Michelle Meeks tells Mediarights, “We are launching the website and web magazine first this summer and hope to re-launch the print magazine a few months after. We will open the website and all the content […]

A Evening with Generation DIY

Sometimes coined “mumblecore,” a new group of young filmmakers has emerged on the film festival circuit in the past few years. Embracing intimate stories, low budget shooting techniques, improvised dialogue, and untrained actors, these films fall far outside the studio system and instead rely on a core group of collaborators to tell achingly real […]

In the last couple of months, I’ve been speaking to a lot of the folks at the forefront of creating, programming and distributing creative content online, and I’ve also been speaking to a lot of filmmakers about the potential and opportunity these sites provide. These are not the the offshoots of gigantic aggregators like […]

The pragmatic topic of digital rights management should be important to us all. Transcoding digital content is the purview of the techies in our midst, and while most of us don’t need, or want, to understand how that encoding works, we need to be cognizant of the ramifications of safeguarding the rights of the […]

Online Shootout at Sundance

I recently returned from the 22nd annual Sundance Independent Producers Conference at the beautiful Sundance Resort near Provo, Utah. Every August, eighty filmmakers are invited to join a veritable who’s who of the independent film world–executives, distributors, producers and educators–at the forefront of independent film production in a weekend long exploration on the state […]

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