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Indiepix chairman, Barnet Louis Liberman, saw the potential for “breaking down the barriers between filmmakers and their audiences.” When the company was started in 2003, the creators saw a chance to be involved not only in the marketing and distribution of independent film, but to be an integral component in filmmakers’ careers, shepherding long-term […]

Don’t know how many of you are CurrentTV watchers, but this piece called Bjork Has One, produced by Kirsten Dirksen, is fantastic. It’s been playing on Current since June. Check it out.

There’s a book, now available in paperback, by writer, publicist and actor, Phil Hall. Hall is also a contributing editor to Film Threat and one of those tireless champions of unheralded filmmakers we love so well.
Available in paperback from Amazon, Independent Film Distribution: How to Make a Successful End Run Around the Big Guys […]

UPDATE: You can view a recording of this event here. 
Confused about copyright? You’re not alone. Media literacy educators rely on the ability to use copyrighted materials in their teaching. But ignorance about copyright — and particularly a lack of awareness of the fair use provision - is interfering with teachers’ ability to teach important critical […]

Thanks for Mark Schoneveld for the tip!

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