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IDFA is the largest documentary festival and market in the world. And this being my first foray to the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, things have been a bit overwhelming. But certain themes are cropping up that reflect the sign of the times, not only in documentary, but in making and disseminating art for […]

Censorship & The Filmmaker

A while back I posted a brief about the Ann Arbor Film Festival losing their state funding due to accusations that the festival was screening pornographic work. The state of Michigan took action after prompting by an essay out of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, revoking the festival’s cultural arts money. One of the […]

Via TechCrunch, The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos, is a very interesting look into the techniques some folks are using to create hurricanes around online videos. You might read this and think it is kind of smarmy and way more underhanded than you want to be, but it strikes a cord as I think […]

Patrick Z. McGavin of ScreenDaily talks to John Sayles and Maggie Renzi about their upcoming release of Honeydripper.
“Most of our films took three or four weeks before people started to talk about them,” he says. “Our films play to people over 30. Those people don’t go the first weekend. It was clear to us that […]

United Hollywood

Thanks to The Austin Chronicle for pointing to this video about the writer’s strike. I’m unclear as to what we, non-union writers, can do to support the strikers. Unlike the NYC permitting issue where there were some clear outcomes, all comments I have heard say that the multi-nationals are diverse enough to stand firm until […]

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