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In Virginia Heffernan’s article entitled, “Artists Only,” in the December 23 issue of the New York Times Magazine, she says, “For young people, joining a virtual community–one far vaster than can be cultivated in the finite social world–is the first step in fashioning an identity, and later an artistic persona. The trade-off for steadfastly […]

Devlin Interview

Via Indy Mogul, an interview with filmmaker Paul Devlin, for your holiday viewing pleasure.
Paul Devlin Interview from Indy Mogul on Vimeo.

I feel like I could leave the post about St. Clair Bourne up for the rest of the year, and even then feel like it hadn’t stayed on top long enough. But life marches on. The holidays are a time to be grateful for what we have and to resolve to better ourselves in the […]

RIP St. Clair Bourne

I regret to inform those who haven’t heard that veteran documentary filmmaker St. Clair Bourne has passed on. Besides his blog and films that remain as his legacy, I’d venture to say that St. Clair hadn’t received quite as much recognition in his lifetime as he deserved. His passing is untimely and I predict more […]

Three of Denmark’s leading documentary filmmakers have joined forces to market their own films on DVD. Phie Ambo, Pernille Rose Gronkjaer and Eva Mulvad are the founders of Danish Documentary. This new online DVD label is currently only selling the three directors’ own films; however, they plan to expand the catalog with other […]

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