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IDA Wants Your Videos

I’m a supporter of the International Documentary Association, so I want to pass along their plea for video content for their new website. It’s a chance for you to “advertise” your work and contribute to the documentary community! From their email:In March, we will be launching an entirely new site with a new look, a […]

Update on Orphan Works Legislation

“Orphan works” – it may sound like a description of Oliver Twist remakes, but actually it is a copyright issue that affects a large number of filmmakers and artists today. In the world of copyright, the term refers to works—possibly protected by copyright—whose owners are unidentifiable or undiscoverable. You or someone you know […]

Blu-ray vs. Other?

Eek! Where have I been? I hate to keep saying it but after Sundance, I was sick for a week and am still catching up. Leave the garden untended for two weeks and the weeds are uncontrollable! But, I know my filmmaker friends have all been there during production, so I won’t worry too much.
The […]