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Another One Bites the Dust?

When AIVF was dying slowly, if you remember, what it looked like was desperate emails looking for donations that would save it. Another nonprofit, Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco, has adopted this strategy. Instead of the usual newsletter, we received a special plea following on the heels of a similar request that went out in late March. The […]

Ono Sues Expelled

I was on my way home from work the other day when I heard that Yoko Ono and her sons are suing the producers of the “intelligent design” film Expelled over their unlicensed use of John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” The producers are claiming a fair use exemption. Going online to find some more information about […]

Shoe Leather: An Introduction on Resources

I’m here to introduce a new blog that’s part of TFI’s new Reframe project. As a New York-based arts blogger and a film fan, I will be exploring the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival as well as discovering ties between new films and ones in the Reframe collection.
Think how many scenes you’ve seen in the movies […]

How IndieGoGo’s Going

I recently interviewed indie filmmaker, Paola Mendoza, for my own blog. In our conversation, we talked about all the aspects or “jobs” one needs to master as an independent entity creating art in this country right now and the places filmmakers can turn in order to learn how to do those all-important tasks, such […]

Tomorrow, the 15th iteration of the Canadian International Documentary Festival, aka, Hot Docs, will begin. The week’s activities encompass the festival, Doc Soup and Youth Programmes, as well as the Toronto Documentary Forum, The Doc Shop, Conference and Market–lots going on. I will be up there the latter part of the week, but […]

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