Let’s not profile the people who are struggling to make their way in the world, but instead, turn our lens on the people who are figuring out how to make money off of curing those problems! Ok, sorry, yes, I’m a bit cynical on this one, but I do recognize the importance of highlighting innovative thinkers who are actually rolling up their sleeves and digging in, and the filmmakers who want to make movies about them, so here is the call for entries. You might as well win some cash. $10,000 for you and $10,000 for the social entrepreneur you profile, and prizes for runners up too. Deadline is September 15. From the website:

…Images of poverty are stark, evocative, powerful, and persistent.

But these pictures are only part of the reality. They focus on the problem – without offering a solution. Obscured by these despairing images of poverty, there exist people, entrepreneurs, role models, who are changing their personal stories and the lives of their families, neighbors, villages, and countries. These ordinary women and men are seizing opportunity, starting businesses, and are making a difference locally and globally.

Cinéma Prospérité, a film competition sponsored by the Social Equity Venture Fund, strives to change the dialogue by infusing the world’s imagination with new imagery, imagery that focuses on the solution. We invite you to take an active role in reshaping how people view other parts of the world, and even their own backyard. More on the competition>>

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