There are some really exciting film events being planned around the national political conventions! Yesterday the Impact Film Festival announced their line-up of films. About the festival (from the website):

Impact Film Festival is a four-day event held during the 2008 Democratic and Republican Conventions in Denver and Minneapolis. IFF will showcase two to three socially-themed documentary and dramatic films per day and feature panel discussions with an engaging mix of filmmakers, entertainers, lawmakers and other civic leaders.

What films will our delegates and (dare we hope) nominess be watching? Here is the full slate:

ACCIDENTAL ADVOCATE (DNC/RNC) / Director: Jessica Gerstle—A moving odyssey of a father and daughter who track down the thinkers, politicians, crusaders and nay-sayers at the heart of the federally-funded stem cell research quagmire. World Premiere.

BATTLE IN SEATTLE (DNC/RNC) / Director: Stuart Townsend—Chronicle of the dramatic events surrounding the 1999 World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, Washington, featuring Charlize Theron (in attendance).

BLACK LIST (DNC/RNC) / Directors: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchel—Dramatic portraits of some of today’s most fascinating and influential African-Americans. Famed Elvis Mitchell joins our discussion for an in-depth conversation about reclaiming “The Blacklist”.

BOOGIE MAN: THE LEE ATWATER STORY (DNC/RNC) / Director: Stefan Forbes—The life and controversial times of Lee Atwater, the late political strategist for the Republican Party.

FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER (DNC/RNC) / Director: Irena Salinas—While oil grabs headlines, the world’s most important commodity is water. This compelling documentary examines what we are all taking for granted – and shouldn’t.

FREEHELD (DNC) /Director: Cynthia Wade—The community unites to support police detective Laurel Hester’s struggle to transfer her earned pension over to her domestic partner in this Academy-Award winning short film.

I.O.U.S.A. (DNC/RNC) / Director: Patrick Creadon—A bold examination of the rapidly growing national debt and its consequences for the United States and its citizens, brought to you by the director of WORDPLAY.

KICKING IT (DNC) / Directors: Susan Koch and Jeff Werner—For those who live on the sidelines of life, Director Susan Koch trains her camera on what happens when the homeless grab the ball and get in the game at the Homeless World Cup.

ROBERT KENNEDY REMEMBERED (DNC) / Director: Charles Guggenheim—Iconic portrait of Bobby Kennedy who gave voice to the aspirations of a generation and who continues to inspire with his message of hope and commitment to social justice. The film was originally presented at the1968 Democratic Convention forty years ago.

TROUBLE THE WATER (DNC/RNC) / Directors: Tia Lessin and Carl Deal—2008 Sundance award-winner about poverty in America as seen through the eyes of a couple trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

I won’t be at the convention but I’m grateful that these films will be there. And if you will be at either Convention, help spread the word about these wonderful, important films!