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Gaines’ Withoutabox

It still surprises me that there are filmmakers unfamiliar with, the film festival submission site. You enter all of the information about your project and it allows you to select the festival you wish to submit to, you pay your entry fee and the festival gets access to all of that information you entered. […]

Fair Use for Online Video

I’m a bit late in posting about a new, very important resource. I wanted to review the document before posting. Based on the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, The Center for Social Media at American University has continued to help content creators identify and express what fair use means in creating […]

Tools of the Trade

A couple of interesting emails came to my inbox recently. First, Celtx, a free pre-production software bundle. I haven’t used it so I’d be curious to hear any reactions, but the website boats screenplay formatting, storyboarding, scheduling, call sheets and various reporting. I might have posted about this before while the product was in beta. […]

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