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From Falling to Rising

I’m happy that this discussion (”The Sky is Falling” for independent film, which began in June at the LA Film Festival) is still going on many months later. The more we hash out all of the complicated intricacies of how the production and distribution of film is changing, the more we all benefit from greater […]

New World Follow-Up

I have to thank Mitchell Block for his remarks on my post of Peter Broderick’s indieWIRE article. It prompted me to look at the discussion/reaction to the article on other blogs (I’m behind on my feed reader!). Karina wonders what’s new with what he is saying - probably not much, but for filmmakers who are […]

I’m a bit late in pointing to this, but if you haven’t read it, I’d suggest you do so. Distribution consultant Peter Broderick posted a two-part article on indieWIRE during Independent Film Week that is, in essence, a primer on the changing distribution landscape for independent film. Unlike the rants and raves we’ve been seeing […]

Berends En Route Back to US

Through the efforts of various senators, representatives, friends and activists, filmmaker Andrew Berends is on his way back to New York. A big sigh of relief. His translator who was also detained is not out of the woods yet. Here is the latest from the website:
From what we understand, Samuel George, Andrew’s translator, and another […]

I almost forgot to post about this, but thanks to The Documentary Channel newsletter, I was reminded. “The Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) has announced a call for entries for its celebrated Art of the Documentary Pitch Workshop. In this workshop/competition–now in its fourth year–a panel of television executives […]

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