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Devlin on Festival Strategy

Documentary magazine editor Tom White pointed me to a great article by filmmaker Paul Devlin over at The Independent. Devlin has a new film, BLAST!, that he launched at this year’s HotDocs. He shares his experiences navigating the festival experience with valuable insight:
Festival programmers want virgins. So choose wisely where your film is going to […]

Movies and Ads

I saw this jaw-dropping commercial on TV that I wanted to show you. I go to my computer and type in “High School Musical 3″ and “Sara Lee” into Google. I kid you not. It was a commercial of kids dancing and signing their hearts out to sell bread… PB and J to be specific. […]

WSJ: Indie Films Hit the Web

An interesting article by John Jurgensen about the recent online-only film releases:
Independent filmmakers are known for taking risks with their art, but many are wary of digital distribution. Now, as perceptions shift, they’re going online in growing numbers. Thursday, “Haze,” a film making its debut at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York, also […]

YouTube Founder from MIPCOM

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley delivered a speech at MIPCOM aimed at alleviating distributors’ fears over online distribution. It’s mostly not very interesting, however, the rights management portion caught my attention:
Hundreds of millions of people around the world were able to engage and experience the Olympics online, many of whom never had never had the opportunity […]

Score for the DMCA & MPAA

The Motion Picture Association of America filed suit against RealNetworks to stop the sale of software that allowed copying of DVDs. Wired is reporting that a federal judge has ruled that the software likely violates the Digital Millemnium Copyright Act and has barred RealNetworks from further sales. From Judge Renews Decision Barring Sale of DVD-Copying […]

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