I saw this jaw-dropping commercial on TV that I wanted to show you. I go to my computer and type in “High School Musical 3″ and “Sara Lee” into Google. I kid you not. It was a commercial of kids dancing and signing their hearts out to sell bread… PB and J to be specific. I wanted to share this spectacle with you, but I couldn’t find the ad on YouTube. That seemed odd. If they are going after a youth audience, why wouldn’t they have the ad on the net before it ran on TV so people who did what I just did would find it and share it?

I noticed, in my Google seach, that there was definitely an entry that matched my query. I find a press release, that states in part:

“We are thrilled to be involved with this incredible movie franchise that has engaged the imagination of our core consumers – kids and their parents in fun-loving households who enjoy our products as well,” said Tim Zimmer, vice president, Sara Lee Fresh Bakery. “As families eagerly anticipate the movie’s release, we are integrating our brand into the movie at every imaginable consumer touch point in a way that is unprecedented for a bread brand.” Read the press release>>

In the release, I see the URL of the ad campaign (not very friendly considering it didn’t come up in early Google search results), I click on it. Maybe my embeddable video will be there? Nope, but I did find what seems to be a link to “movie clips” of which the Sara Lee “Dance With Joy” commercial was included. After a very slow flyout graphic (I don’t know anyone with a Sidekick anymore, even Karina has an iPhone), you can watch the commercial. That is, if you have enough of an attention span to find it, which I nearly don’t. I only found it because I figured I should exhaust all options if I was going to write about it (I had some loading issues with the Flash as well).

I think the company that designed the website doesn’t know enough about website users and what they do online. But also, for filmmakers, consider your product placements carefully. A silly ad campaign makes the film look silly–probably the point in this case–whatever message you are trying to achieve, your product placement should be part of the plan. Oh, and there were no exportable images for me to illustrate this post and subliminally advertise to you. Sorry.

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