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Revver Wordpress Plugin

I think Revver is a great model for people who want to earn some cash off videos they upload to the web. YouTube has the advantage of being first in the online video game, and high traffic can follow, but the Revver model is about sharing videos and earning from it through advertising. Revver has […]

Free Flow of Information Act

Via Cynopsis Digital, “A congressional panel voted last week to shield journalists, ad-supported bloggers, vloggers and podcasters from having to reveal confidential sources in a variety of situations, defying stated wishes of the Bush administration. The Free Flow of Information Act defines journalism as “gathering, preparing, collecting, photographing, recording, writing, editing, […]

MediaRights’ Upstream

One of the interesting new developments I learned about at the International Documentary Conference was the launch of a new monthly column at Arts Engine’s MediaRights called Upstream. Executive director Katy Chevigny describes this new column, “through which we will travel with you as your guide through the quickly shifting world of online video.” I […]

More Free Speech Issues in Blogging

Matt Dentler called my attention to this article at Sports Illustrated about Brian Bennett, a writer for The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.) who was ejected from a NCAA baseball tournament for live-blogging the event. Somehow, the NCAA has a rule that prohibits this, seemingly considering it the same as a broadcast, which of course, they […]

Cinema Tech on Ad $s

I read in passing some posts about YouTube sharing ad revenue with its more popular content producers. I glossed over it because it seemed like old news to me. If creators want earn revenue from their video posts, post on Revver. It really works and the site just needs to reach a tipping point with […]

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