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Beware: CNet & Gawker

I’m always interested in tidbits about internet content; being a contributor to several outlets, I recognize that there are different needs and audiences and that I have to walk various lines which are sometimes difficult to define. I noticed an article about a video game reviewer for Gamespot, a CNet outlet, who was canned over […]

Marketing a Regional Fest

The Sundance submission deadline has passed; SXSW is looming (early: Nov. 16; late: Dec. 7). But thousands of films are made each year, and many are not appropriate for these big, industry-driven (read: sales) showcases. Don’t get me wrong… submit your film to your dream festival, because, hey, you never know! If you don’t get […]

Listmania: IDA’s Top 25 Docs

I wonder if the International Documentary Association assumed that there would be a certain amount of backlash when they published their 25 Best Documentaries list or if this came afterwards. On their website under the link to the list, it says:
The above link will lead you to the list, representing a range of styles, sensibilities […]

Tonight on PBS’ POV series, don’t miss the television broadcast debut of this extraordinary film produced and directed by Eric Daniel Metzgar and Nell Carden Grey. Their film chronicles the personal sacrifices and challenges faced by a New York writer who dedicates his time and resources to rescuing endangered turtles. You can read […]

Reverend Billy Arrested at Critical Mass

Via Gothamist, “[Activist] Reverend Billy [of the Church of Stop Shopping] was arrested and detained last night while reciting the First Amendment in Union Square. The police claimed his preaching it at this month’s Critical Mass constituted ‘Harassment of a Public Official.’ The NYPD has a history of some controversial arrests at the Critical Mass […]

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