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Lessons in LinkedIn

I’m a Facebook gal myself (these days) and I have a lot to say about it in an upcoming post. But for those interested in LinkedIn, self-proclaimed Info-Geek Jennifer Brown has a great series of primers for getting up and running with that tool. If you are thinking about exploring LinkedIn, let Jennifer be your […]

When I wrote my welcome message, I must have been subconsciously channeling information about an upcoming D-Word event! Filmmaker Lance Weiler will be taking questions and sharing his strategies for reaching audiences in a week-long online discussion at The D-Word Forum.
From D-Word founder Doug Block: “Wired Magazine has called Lance ‘One of twenty-five people helping […]

Where is the media community online?

Welcome to Re:Sources! One of the unintended consequences of starting a blog is frequently discovering a need that you didn’t know existed. People discover your writing while looking for one thing or another and they write in to ask a question. One of the frequent questions I get from my personal blog, which focuses mainly […]

One of the most widely discussed media phenomena of 2006 has been the “television show,” LonelyGirl15 (LG15), which appeared not on TV but on the video sharing website, YouTube. The show’s star, Bree, a sixteen-year old home-schooled girl with strict, religious parents, posted a series of videoblogs in which she would directly address the […]